Traffic Jam Paragraph for JSC, SSC & HSC

Traffic Jam Paragraph

Traffic Jam : A traffic jam is the immobility of vehicles on the roads and highways. It is a common occurrence in our country, particularly in Dhaka city. Traffic jam is a big problem in Bangladesh. It has resulted in a horrible situation in our daily lives. There are various reasons for the traffic jam. Firstly, the roads are narrower than they were supposed to be. Secondly, many drivers are unfamiliar with traffic rules, while others intentionally break them. Thirdly, the number of vehicles, including buses, trucks, auto-rickshaws, rickshaws, private cars, and so on, are rapidly increasing. Fourth, expired vehicles unexpectedly stop on the road. Additionally, the number of traffic police is quite limited. Finally, our country’s traffic management system is very poor. Traffic jams have a negative influence on both human life and the environment. Traffic jams waste petrol. All of these cars are stuck for a long duration of time, causing air and noise pollution. Furthermore, because of traffic, ambulances are unable to reach their destinations on time. Ambulances tend to fail to reach the hospital on time. As a result, the patient’s life is at risk. This difficulty, however, may be solved by taking significant steps. The government should appoint traffic officers to limit the large number of vehicles. Furthermore, traffic laws should be properly implemented. Those who do not follow the guidelines will face severe penalties. One possible solution to this issue is the development of wide roads.


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