Price Hike Paragraph For JSC, SSC & HSC

Price Hike Paragraph

Bangladesh is facing many problems. Price hike is one of there. Price hike means the unusual increase of price of goods. It is a common problem in our country. It is making our life difficult and miserable. Specially poor and middle-class people who hare limited income are suffering a lot for it. There are many causes of price hike. Shortage of necessary goods, transportation system, natural calamities, dishonest businessmen and global price hike and inflation are responsible for price hike. Due to price hike many people have to starve. Many lead an inhuman life. It makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. If this problem continues, our life will be at stake and different kinds of crimes usually occur. Corruption and moral degradation will spread everywhere. Some steps should be taken to control price hike. To get rid of this problem, government should take necessary steps. Businessmen also should come forward to ensure proper distribution of commodities. Finally, all of us should come forward to solve the problem.


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